The Tour of Macedonia is open for everyone: semi-professional cyclists, amateur champions, cycling lovers who are focused on training, but also beginners who want to step up to the challenge. You will meet all kinds of riders at this cyclosportive and we are eager to welcome everybody. There is no selection according to ability or performance level. However, in order to partake, it is essential to have prepared accordingly in advance. 
This is a challenging cyclosportive that requires proper training in order to handle the physically demanding terrain. Furthermore, bikers with special needs are welcome to The Tour of Macedonia.

The Tour of Macedonia is a multi-day event for amateur riders officially recognized by the Greek Cycling Federation (ΕΟΠ). There are three(3) categories in which every cyclist (men and women) can choose to participate.

  1. Challenge–  For cyclists who want to discover Macedonia and Epirus.
  2. Competitive– Timed ascents and ranked stages in the categories of solo man, and solo woman.
  3. Noncyclists– Non-cycling companion participants (friends and families) are going to enjoy a fulfilling vacation in West-central Greece.

The Tour of Macedonia is a multi-stage GPS tracking – -timed event, only for the participants who will register for the competitive part. 

Yes, absolutely. This, as stated throughout the website, is a challenging cyclosportive even for competitive athletes. But not so much pace-wise as it is terrain-wise and that is by design for both. We want to take people through the most fascinating memorable corners of Macedonia and Epirus, so we are not afraid to hit the mountains or gorges if it comes to it. Similarly, we know by experience that the lasting memories are made through the tough rides you later enjoy talking about achieving, over some cold beer with your ridemates. Register at Challenge and folow the steps of Alexander The Great! 

The Tour of Macedonia starts on Sunday, June 9th, 2024. All cyclists must arrive no later than Saturday, June 8th  in order to attend the welcome & information meeting. The end of the Tour of Macedonia is on the 15th of June.  Departure day is Sunday, June 16th. If a participant wishes to spend more time in Greece, for training or relaxation, please feel free to let us know in advance and we can organize it for you.

Riders collect their event kit bags at 7 pm, at our accommodation hotel in Thessaloniki, just before they attend the welcome & information meeting, one day before the tour’s start.

Identity document
Participant voucher from your tour operator (if applicable)

Each rider’s luggage will be transported from hotel to hotel

The airport you have to choose for your arrival and departure flights should be Macedonia-Thessaloniki International Airport.

Mechanical assistance will be available at the start/finish points of each stage. Additionally, lightweight mobile roadside support will accompany the peloton throughout the entire event. However all riders are advised to carry their own spare equipment and tools regardless, for safety reasons.

Road bike options are available for hire as seen in the registration form.

As specified in each stage’s timetable (found at the bottom of each stage’s page), official feed zones will be stationed in predeclared positions along the routes providing  riders water, energy products, fresh fruit etc.

It is obligatory to use a rigid cycling helmet throughout the entire event.

All types of road bicycles are allowed.

Officially the roads are not closed during the tour. Every cyclist is required to obey all local traffic laws for his own safety and is expected in no situation to ever compromise the safety of others.

You should follow all rules as described below:

Ride on the right side of the roads so that vehicles and faster cyclists can overtake you.

Warn cyclists behind you of potential obstacles by lifting your arm and/or any other means as necessary.

Get off the road if you have to stop due to a mechanical problem.

Stay focused and concentrated so as to avoid any accident.

Specific rules are required in the category of Paracycling.

The event is open for all riders who are of age 18 years old or beyond.

Riders can only register through the official website registration form.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information or arrangements by using the contact form on our website.