tour of macedonia-epirus


08 – 15 JUNE 2024  –  6 STAGES – 472Km  –  7.822m  


From 08-15 June  2024 , riders from all over the world will come together for the first  edition of “The Tour of  Macedonia / Epirus ”  to challenge themselves in this unique bike odyssey where history, nature, and adventure intertwine in the heart of Greece.

 To this Tour are welcome riders of all levels ,ranging from semi-professional cyclists looking for an ideal training opportunity, regional amateur champions, cycling lovers who love endurance group rides, but also beginners who want to step up to the challenge and discover Macedonia and Epirus  on two wheels, village by village,  stage by stage.

The Tour consists of 6 individual stages, in which every peloton will be challenged as they visit captivating gorges, ride up massive mountains and flow through cascading valleys.

This unique cycling journey is a passage through Greece’s intricate historical tapestry. You’ll trace the footsteps of ancient civilizations, forging a connection with legacies that continue to influence the present.Delight in the local cuisine, immerse yourselves in every city’s heritage, and find relaxation in its luxury accommodations.

In The Tour of  Macedonia / Epirus on June 2024 !!!!    BE THERE!!!!!

SATURDAY 08/06/2024 
Arrival day – Thessaloniki (No cycling)

We welcome you to Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece after Athens ,  and the capital city of Central Macedonia’s administrative district, bearing all the structures that constitute a modern urban center, with a population of over 878,000 residents in its Regional Unit.  Additionally, its port being the second largest commercial port of Greece, and its location, close to the Balkans, between the East and the West, are significant factors that contribute, both to its economic growth and its cosmopolitan characteristics..

In contemporary Thessaloniki, you’ll come across with history, art and different cultures of 2,300 years of the city’s history, you’ll have the chance to taste its rich gastronomic tradition, with a reputation far beyond the Greek borders, you’ll relax on the beautiful coast watching the sun disappear in the Aegean sea and you will let yourself in the evening rhythms of a city where the nightlife ends just before the first light of the day!

Accommodation in Thessaloniki  in a 5* hotel







SUNDAY 09/06/2024 
Tranquil Beginning

 We depart at 08:00 am in the morning  from our hotel in Thessaloniki and we are transferred by bus to the inaugural point  of our 6-day biking tour through the enchanting landscapes of Western Macedonia!

Setting out from Agios Athanasios, the picturesque countryside greets you with its timeless beauty. The route unfolds like a living canvas, with rolling hills, vibrant wildflowers, and serene lakes painting an ever-changing backdrop . As you approach Florina, the landscape gently climbs, rewarding you with panoramic views that encompass the city and its surrounding landscapes.

This first stage is more than just a ride – it’s the opening chapter of an adventure that connects you to nature’s beauty, cultural heritage, and the joy of cycling. With each pedal stroke, you’re not just covering distance; you’re discovering the heart of the land and the stories it holds. As the sun sets on this day, the memories of this serene journey will linger, inspiring you for the experiences that await in the days to come.
Accommodation in Florina to 5*  Lynx Hotel



MONDAY 10/06/2024
Picture Perfect
START TIME  : 09:00 am

Leaving behind the charming streets of Florina, the countryside unfolds in a breathtaking panorama, setting the tone for the day ahead. Our route winds through rolling hills adorned with wildflowers, embraced by the majestic peaks of the Pindus Mountains . Inhale the crisp, clean air as nature’s symphony accompanies your every pedal, evoking a sense of boundless freedom.

As Kastoria draws near, the route unveils a true treasure – the captivating Lake Orestiada. Its azure waters mirror the sky above, forging a harmonious connection between land and sky. The path leads you along the lake’s edge, treating you to awe-inspiring views that stir your soul. Ancient trees cast playful shadows on the road, and the scent of pine dances on the breeze, enveloping you in an immersive sensory experience . This route guarantees an unforgettable experience for every biking enthusiast.
Accommodation in Kastoria to 5* Limneon Resort & Spa



THUESDAY 11/06/2024
Enchanting Odyssey 
START TIME :  09:00 am

Welcome to the captivating third stage of our tour, as we journey from the charming city of Kastoria to the picturesque town of Konitsa. Brace yourself for a day of exploration, where history, nature, and adventure intertwine in the heart of Greece.

The highlight of this stage is the renowned Vikos Gorge, a natural wonder that will take your breath away. Carved by the Aoos River, it stands as one of the deepest gorges in the world, a testament to the power of nature’s artistry. Your descent into its depths offers an awe-inspiring spectacle, with the river’s song accompanying you on this unforgettable journey .

This biking odyssey from Kastoria to Konitsa is more than a journey; it’s an immersion into the tapestry of Greece’s diversity. With each pedal stroke, you’re venturing through landscapes that whisper tales of the past, echoing with the present moment. As you reach the end of this stage, you’ll carry the memories of Vikos Gorge and the Epirus charm with you, ready to embrace the next chapter of our adventure. As more as we ride, embracing the essence of exploration!
Accommodation in Konitsa to 4 * Konitsa Mountain Rresort and to Gefyri boutique Hotel



WEDNESDAY 12/06/2024 
Rural Tranquility
START TIME  : 09:00 am

To this enchanting fourth stage we cycle  from the idyllic town of Konitsa to the historic city of Ioannina. Brace yourself for a day of discovery, where the road less traveled leads you through rural landscapes, weaving a unique tapestry of Epirus hidden beauty.

Approaching Ioannina, the landscape may change, but the essence of rural Greece remains woven into the tapestry of your journey. As you enter the city, its historic charm and lakeside allure create a unique contrast to the rural landscapes you’ve traversed.

This rural biking adventure from Konitsa to Ioannina is more than just a stage – it’s a pilgrimage into the heart of Greece’s soul. With each pedal stroke, you’re journeying through landscapes that whisper the stories of those who have called these places home. As you arrive in Ioannina, you’ll carry the serenity of the rural route with you, ready to embrace the city’s history and vibrancy.
Accommodation in Ioannina to 5* The Lake Hotel



THURSDAY  13/06/2024
Mountain Passage
START TIME  : 09:00 am

Get ready to conquer mountain roads, where breathtaking vistas and cultural heritage await around every bend.

Leaving behind Ioannina’s lakeside allure, you’re about to ascend into the embrace of the Pindus Mountains on a route that promises both challenge and reward. As you pedal away, the city’s history echoes in the wind, and the ascent becomes a metaphor for the determination that fuels your adventure.

The route weaves through a landscape defined by mountain grandeur, where the rugged peaks , stand as silent witnesses to centuries of history. The air is crisp, and the scenery shifts from dense forests to open vistas, each curve revealing a new facet of the journey ahead. This stage  may challenge your legs, but it rewards you with panoramic views that extend as far as the eye can see.

Approaching Metsovo, the air becomes crisp, and the energy of the mountains infuses your every breath. As you arrive in this mountain haven, the town’s hospitality and cultural richness welcome you with open arms. Embrace the local flavors, explore the artisans’ workshops, and immerse yourself in the charm of Metsovo’s way of life.
Accommodation in Metsovo to 4*  Aroma Dryos Hotel & Katogi Averoff hotel



FRIDAY   14/06/2024
A Finale fit for Greats 
START TIME  : 09:00 am

The climactic finale of our unforgettable 6-day biking tour , as we embark on the last leg from the captivating town of Metsovo to the awe-inspiring destination of Kalampaka. Get ready to traverse the lands where mountain grandeur meets the mysticism of the Meteora monasteries.

Leaving behind Metsovo’s mountain charm, you’re about to set out on a route that not only bridges the distance between towns but also connects the essence of the journey you’ve undertaken. As you pedal away, the spirit of the Pindus Mountains accompanies you, whispering tales of centuries gone by.

Approaching Kalampaka, the scenery undergoes a transformation that heralds the proximity of the Meteora rock formations. These towering monoliths rise like natural cathedrals, where centuries-old monasteries cling to their heights. The Meteora monasteries are more than an architectural marvel – they are a testament to human determination and devotion, perched on the precipice of the heavens.

As you stand beneath the towering Meteora formations, you’ll carry the memories of the road with you, forever intertwined with the mysticism of this land.
Accommodation in  Kalampaka  to 5* Divani Meteora Hotel



SATURDAY 15/06/2024   ( No cycling)

After breakfast, we checkout from our  hotel and are transported by bus  from Kalampaka’s captivating charm to the remarkable archaeological site of Vergina.

Approaching Vergina, an undeniable aura of history envelops you. This archaeological treasure was once the seat of Macedon’s power, and its royal tombs, including that of Philip II, resonate with the echoes of a bygone era, commanding respect in the annals of world history.

The archaeological treasures of Vergina offer a vivid portal into the lives of royalty and dynasties, adding layers of depth to our journey that transcend time itself.

This unique trip ends back to the city of Thessaloniki

Accommodation in Thessaloniki  in a 5* hotel

SUNDAY 16 /06/2024

It is time to say goodbye after  an unforgettable tour to  West Macedonia and Epirus. We will transfer you to Thessaloniki Macedonia Airport at a convenient time for your return flight. We wish you a safe journey back home!