A fully supported tour in Heraklion prefecture , including long quiet roads, hills, and of course, the long climbs into the mountains.
The always varied route profile with a gigantic landscape that you would not expect so safe on Crete guaranteed driving pleasure without end and incidentally, is also the desired training effect with of course, the classic views of over 1500 meters on the dreamlike Mediterranean are not missing and one or the other “Ah” and “Oh” will come to you over the lips.


Type : Road cycling training camp
Total distance : 461 Km
Total acsent gain : 6486 m
Season : Spring, Summer, Automn

Cycling Day 1. Drosia, 64Km +1038m

Cycling Day 2. Kastelli, 93Km +1168m

Cycling Day 3. Prinias 90 Km 1344m

Cycling Day 4. Krasi 103 Km 1087m

Cycling Day 5. Perama, 111Km +1849m

Optional Cycling Day. Skinakas, 101Km +2040m